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Brain Computer:New Conceptual Design
In 2003, Brain & Ecology Comparative Group began to discuss the intersection issues between neurology, ecology, and evolutionary biology; they had conducted systematic comparative research on animal neural evolutionary physiological ecology, and they successively put forward the concepts of neural ecological strategy, neural ecological coding and the brain deep structure and released a review, Four Dilemmas of Basic Research of Brain Science: Reflections and Comments, in the Life Science Forum of China in 2004. The English theoretical work The Brain's Super Intelligence Analysis was published in June, 2012.
In their theoretical study of brain deep structure, BECG have found the following:
There exists an unsolved core problem in all of the existing studies of the special link structure and working mode of neurons.What they are trying to find out is the functional structure of the brain, rather than the meaning structure of the brain. In the book The Deep Structure of Being, BECG elaborated the principle of meaning structure and named it "deep structure." Consequently, BECG's conclusion is that all of these simulated artificial intelligences obtained by the experiments and analysis of the functional structure of the brain will eventually fall into trouble because of the lack of an authentic meaning structure.
The greatest significance of the development of brain deep-structure theory is that it provides a solid theory about brain vitastate structure for the development of super artificial intelligence experiments. Its fundamental principle is that the brain’s neural system can be structurally analyzed by modularity of vitastates. We can establish the pedigree of the vitastate structure of the brain (PVSB) by the methods of vitastate comparison and testing of living organisms. On this basis, we can put up the decomposition and decipherment of the meaning unit of the brain synapses network and can eventually build a brain deep-structural map (BDM) of any animal brain. So the super-AI can be found and formed based on this set of BDMs.
Therefore, the planned super-artificial-intelligence experiment of theirs will be different from the past "brain computer" experiments. Its basic principle is to confirm that the neural modulations of every organism are all based on the deep-structure mechanism. Therefore, the new type of brain computer that was established on the basis of deep-structure mechanisms is named Deep Structrue Computer, or Deeps Brainputer.
The unique engineering solutions of Deeps Brainputer are:
1. to integrate abundant research results and data of intraspecific comparative biology, especially the existing experiments on the aspects of phenotypic plasticity, stress and resistance, evolutionary pathology, life-history strategy and behavioral ecology, and so on, and to establish the comparative measurement system of living organisms according to the unit of vitastate. The research method of intraspecific comparison by which we can find out the deep structure of life is the most effective way to unlock the secrets of the life modulation mechanisms; and
2. to develop the new experimental system of "neural vitastate," and regard this as the starting point of the meaning analysis of the brain nerve network, and to lead the vitastate comparison system into the decomposition and decipherment of the meaning unit of the brain synapses network. On this basis, we can test, improve, and build a model of brain modulation mechanisms by the meaning experiments. Eventually, we can establish the brain deep-structure map, which will lead to the engineering and construction of a new type of computer.
One of the conceptual design projects is the "Brain-Computer Conceptual Design". In the preparatory research of the brain-computer project, they are researching an applied mathematics theory, "Brain Deep Structural Modulation: Synaptic Plexus Encoding Mechanism and Its Simulation Technology System."


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